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help... anyone got a compressor for sale (ot)

Hey Captain, what sort of compressor? I have an old compressor I could sell, I used it when I used to do all my work in Airbrush (Thank god for photoshop )

Let me know if this will be powerfull enough!


Joe, Ive got one you can have cheapo, but how do you know how its rated?
Still need to speak againa bout my V6 and the Laguna wheels.

ive got one mate!
a Tiger 35, 2 months old....looking to get rid of it as it doesnt provide me with enough air!
if you look in the machine mart catalogue then you can see it in therem its the new model so might not be in there. It good, oil free, quiteish.....and brand new. if you ,look as the price in the catalogue, then tell me (i forgot) we can work something out.

i get back in oct though.....


thanks guys,

kev, it may be way too small of used for an airbrush.
I am looking for something with a 25-50 ltr res, and a free air flow of about 7 cfm. the tank will be about 2 foot by 1 foot on it.

Ben, I need one a wee bit more urgent

Paul, sounds good, will talk today (saturday)