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HELP! - Clio key numbers...

My girlfriend has damaged my car passenger door (aaaaaaarrrrrrghhhhhhhh!)

Which means she has damaged the key lock in the door, the bodyshop need the key number to order a replacement keyed alike and need the key number, however its not in my service book, upon phoning the dealer Im told they have no record of it and I cant obtain myself and the bodyshop will have to go through a process of applying to a central register for it which will take time!!!

Is this true or another Renault service disaster? Also how long do these locks take to get?



my key from a 97P (transponder type) has the number inside. undo the phillips screw and open it up,its on a white label.dunno about earlier types of keys tho.
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i THINK it may be written on the inside cover of one of the books u got when u bought the car......... ill go get my docs and have a look in a min

Your dealer is talking rubbish, key numbers are available on a database available to all dealers, if its not on it they can still obtain key numbers by e-mail, e-mail costs about £10
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plip codes are avaliable on renault net.key numbers so new blades can be cut are not.they are in the service book or on the dealers computer records.a new complete lock kit isnt that much as a last resort.