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Help from clued up people much appreciated! Rim width and offset advice...


ClioSport Club Member
  RB 182 FF
Hi everyone, so I ordered and fitted some aftermarket winter alloys and tyres to my old chaps Volvo Xc40... We ordered the same 20 inch - 245 45 20 alloys/tyres as fitted as standard to not disturb the geometry etc...
When I fitted the wheels I noticed they stick out more than the standard wheels therefore a wider track... After research it turns out the new alloys are 8.5j 20 inch rims and the Volvo ones are 8j 20 inch.. I've typed in the offsets and measurements into a calculator and it came up with this info... Is this setup likely to cause any issues regarding scrub radius etc? It drives perfectly fine and looks quite bad ass so alls well if the experts here can clarify the changes are negligible...

Cheers, Gaz.


The -45 offset of the new wheels is lower than the -50 offset of the original wheels, meaning the wheels will sit slightly further out - and with the half-inch of extra width on the new wheels, this means you've only got 1.3mm of the extra width on the inner side of the wheels, so you won't have any clearance issues, and the extra width is therefore instead sitting on the outside of the wheels, so will fill the arches better (as you've noticed).

Things changing might all depend on if you've fitted wider tyres to the wheels, though. - you've said they are the same width as standard, so they might have sidewalls that are a bit more level with the rim of the wheel itself (rather than ballooning out past it a little) due to a touch of 'stretch', so beware kerbs ;)

TL;DR - you'll be fine, the differences are minimal.


ClioSport Club Member
  RB 182 FF
Yeah @White16valver the interesting thing is when I went on a tyre site it actually says the ideal width for the new 8.5j wheels is 245 and actually recommends 235 as ideal for the Vovlo 8j wheels... So it seems Volvo fit things their way, and also I noticed not many aftermarket wheels are 8j 20 inch, maybe manufacturers do this so you buy their wheels not aftermarket ones.... :unsure:
No as in it's more comfortable 😂 I daren't push it into anything over 30mph with these winter tyres on, you turn your arms but the car goes straight😂

The noise from them is horrific though
I thought the point of winter tyres was that they were soft and grippy in cold weather?!

I've got NS-2R on mine at the moment (not that it drives right now, lol) - tyre hum sounds like a massive angry wasp following me :LOL: