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HELP - Gearbox Trouble!

i have a clio 1.2 16v the dynamique one, i have had the car since january this year and have real trouble with the gearbox, when ever i change gear the gear stick shakes all over the place almost pooping out of gear (it has done on one or two occassions) also whenever i put my foot down quite a way they gear stick again shakes violently, my brother also has the same make and model car which was bought in july of this year, his gearbox seems to be solid as a rock. when i went to renault with my car they said they could find nothing wrong with my gearbox and that there was no problem, they even charged me because there was no fault. renault did thou give me my money back, but its safe to say i wont be using that dealership again.

i was just wondering if anyone could shed some light on the problem or if anyone could tell me if they have experienced similair problems. thanks
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Id take it back again (to a different dealer) - if you get no joy drop Renault UK a line. No point trying to work it out yourself while its under warranty.

Welcome by the way!!

thanks alot its booked in next wednesday anyway because my air bad light and service light kept coming on, so ill ask em tohave a quick little look at it then if they can, cheers

  Renault Laguna Coupe

I can tell you at least why your airbag and service lights are on! Its the seatbelt pretensioner cables under the driver or passenger seat. They come loose (happens to almost every Clio!). Your dealer has a tech-note telling them how to fix it.

my gearbox to had this problem my car being a 1.2 16v 2002 extreme edition, much wobbling and indeed death after just 8000 miles new gear box fitted by renault under warranty and just 3500 down the road and i find 2nd gear difficult when engine cold and often crunches took it to renault dealer (LOOKERS IN CHELMSFORD) and their head of servicing took it out with me in the car and said it felt fine!!! this man is a DICK!! the geargnob didnt stop wobbling the whole blodey journey, it looked like it was at a rave or something!! still if it goes soon at least ill get another one for free!! oh and i will never buy from lookers again they are condesending tw*ts and i hate them!!!!

yeah i went out for a drive in mine with the head of servicing at herds of weybridge dealership, i really aint happy with their service department or the whole dealership as a whole, i didnt buy my car from there its just the closest one, now thou i am taking it to one in woking, which is highly rated by a friend of mine who bought a 172 over there. on the drive he said there was nothing wrong with the gears and told me the shaking was just torque feedback, as much as i lvoe my clio, it aint got that much torque! lol. havent really had the crunchin problem, only when puttin it into reverse, particuarly in the cold
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it could be a shagged lower engine mount.........the gear stick movement, but it shouldnt be knackered so soon