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help! graphics card problem

  RB182cup&golf gti
wondered if anyone could point me in the right direction.

had pc 3 years or so, P4 1.8, tnt geforce 64, 1gb sd ram (2 x 512 chips)

had problems with screen freezing on video clips so decided it was the graphics card so bought an ATI radeon 9250 128mb.

now the pc keeps freezing up and screen goes blank and the pc reboots, does a disk scan and then i get an error message pointing to the graphics card. So i took the card back to the shop, swapped it for an identical one and i have the same problem, so it isnt a faulty card.

any ideas?
  RB182cup&golf gti
sorry, yep the error message said to update drivers which i've done, got them from the ATI site

not sure if AGP?
sounds like a possible mobo prob- if i were you i would swap it for another which should fix the prob - you can prob pick up a cheap P4 mobo for about £20