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Help! Grille parts (crap main dealer body repairs content)

  02 plate 172
Hi All,

Having a bit of an issue with some shonky insurance repairs after a minor front end prang. I had to remove the Grille from my 02' 172 as the grille panel was blocking the bonnet release catch.

The old grille had two small plastic panels that sat behind the mesh, the one on the left seemed to shelter the alternator from road grime, then there was another on the nearside (not sure what that one did)

Anyway, I left these parts in the boot of the car so that the garage could fit them to the new grille. Of course, instead the garage threw them in the bin and now deny that there was anything there at all, twunts!:mad:

I've got 'til next Tuesday to tell them what they've binned (this in itself is wrong, but then so is everything else they've done! Arrrgghh!) Anyone else have these little doobries behind their grille?

Ta Dermot
I had the one on the left that was like a box that blocks off the alternator as you said, not sure what the bit on the right is though.
  02 plate 172
Thanks Beef,

The garage are claiming that it doesn't exist, not good considering they are a Renualt dealer! Is there any way of finding part numbers on the net?