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HELP! Head gasket has gone?

  clio 1.2 16v dyna
Hi, I recently took my car to a specialist, after it had trouble starting from cold, and the other day the engine kept cutting out, and juddering back and forth when moving. They told me the head gasket has gone and gave me two options;
- replace the head gasket, but there could be problems with burnt out pistons. £550 plus vat
- full engine replacement. - 700 plus vat

What should I do? And is the quoted prices to much? Cheers
well a head gasket kit is peanuts to be fair the majority and those prices are labour. i would buy head gasket kit(gasket,bolts) oil change and try it?
have you checked the oil??
is it milky??
if so defo head gasket but they might be trying to con you out of money?


ClioSport Club Member
  Audi RS3, Clio 172
Engine with low miles defo. Youve got to think if the head gaskets gone what else is on it way out. The head gasket went on my last car and i got it done wish i just put a low miler in. As everything else soon followed. :(