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  Clio 182
Hi all,

Hoping someone on here can help me as I’m getting ready to blow my brains out with my 182 at the moment!

for the last few months I’ve had a running problem, bit of a dodgy idle and the car just not feeling right! Engine wise the car only has a JMRS induction kit and a scorpion exhaust with a decat.

originally the car ran fine apart from when I dipped the clutch when coming to a stop, the revs would drop like normal, bounce back up to around 1500rpm and the slowly drop back down (video attached) After a month or so of doing this is threw up a EML light, I got it looked at and had misfires across multiple cylinders so ended up replacing all four injectors with genuine Renault parts. The car ran fine for a few weeks but then developed a dodgy idle, I replaced the HT leads as they were fitted wrong and trapped under the intake manifold but no change so took it to a specialist who said the map sensor was running high and the upstream O2 sensor was spiking and cutting in and out, I replaced the o2 sensor and it made the idle much better but still not 100%, however the revs were only bouncing when coming to a stop when cold, didn’t do it when warm like before. after a few days of driving it the idle started to get worse again, so I ordered a new map sensor and fitted it at the start of this week and so far it’s pretty much sorted the idle however now the revs bouncing up when stopping happens very intermittently now when warm and cold… AGAIN. The car was checked for air leaks and most sensors checked so I have absolutely no clue where to go from here apart from doing belts and praying.

I’ve attached a video to show what I mean but anybody had this before or can help?


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