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help me!!!! im Immobilised

I’ve searched the forum for similar problem but non really come to a conclusion.
My story of woe
My battery went flat in my key fob, (YEA THAT OLD CHESTNUT) it was over a week before I managed to get to halfords to get a new battery.
In the week without a battery I was using the key to lock/unlock the car with no problems.
Anyway I fit the new battery, and press the button but nothing, no little light, so I take the fob to bits again and check the circuit board, I notice the little trigger switch had came away from the board, so I hold the switch in place and press, great the car unlocks, I get in the car, place the circuit board on the passenger seat to refit later once ive refitted the trigger switch, and go to start the car………
The ignition lights come on, but the little red dash light starts to flash really fast and the alarm sounds?????
So I think, this is probably due to the fact that the circuit board contains a immobiliser chip and the responder is fitted around the ignition barrel and it cant detect the chip, so I hold the circuit board against the key and try again, nothing, alarm sounds again.

Now to cut a longer story short, I tried allsorts of different things, getting out the car locking it with the fob, unlocking it, getting in, nothing.
Getting out this time just using the key like I have been all week.
Still getting the same result whichever way I enter the car.

All im getting is ignition lights on, red led flashes fast, turn the key nothing??????
  Carrera 4S. Clio 172. M5
Go to where you were working to put the battery in your key and search the floor for a small piece of black plastic about 3mm long. Thats the transponder chip. they fall out as easy as wink.
didnt mention that its a 2002 clio, ive looked in the fob and i cant actually see anything missing from the circuit board, like the transponder you mentioned.
im familiar with what you mean, a small solid piece of plastic, does this apply to 2002 models?
  Carrera 4S. Clio 172. M5
As far as I am aware,thats right.
My Son is out in his car tonight otherwise I would check.

I looked in the key for our Movano Horsebox which is the same key, (Movano/Renault Master) and the transponder in there is copper coloured and glued to the circuit board, so not realy sure what you might have lost.

Do you have a spare key for the car. If neither work then it might be the reader device on the column.

Strange though that it only stopped working when you changed the battery in the remote, the two functions are not related other than the fact they are both contained in the key.
the copper thingy you refer to is still there.
all i can assumed has happened is, when i tryed to start the car with key minus the circuit board with the transponder attached the car didnt detect it and activated the immobiliser, and due to the immobiliser activating it may have upset something somewhere, as in the receiver attached to the igniton barrel.
no reason as to why this should have happened, but ive done a bit of searching and the renault immobiliser seems to be very problematic.

no 2nd key :(
well after connecting the battery theres no change.
turn key, lights come on, immobiliser light flashes fast, and car wont even turn over.