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Help me please!!!

  Clio 1.4 16v Billabong
Right I bought a 53 plate 1.4 16v Billabong Clio round end of June and I have noticed this month that the clutch crunches allot when going on the motorway (On the slip road when gaining your speed). So I thought maybe it was me being bad with the clutch and not shifting right my mate who had a Clio tried he had same problem. But 1st gear seems to be fucked as well as if I need to get away quickly from lights the car shakes and the engine seems to move and make unusual noises. I also noticed this when I was in first gear going up a very steep hill it was grinding. As you can image I am very gutted and would like to know if any one can tell me what they believe it to be, how much it will cost, how long it will take to repair, will it be covered on my two an a half year guarantee and how long do you believe it will take to fix? Since I have had the car I have had this problem and two coils gone what else could I expect to go wrong? All help will seriously be appreciated thanks Ste:(
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They will tell you the clutch is a wearable part.

Don't tell them what you think it is to start, just say, look the car has another 2 years warranty left, so I don't want to be charged for anything.

If they try pull a fast one, then be prepared for it!
The setting off could be axle tramp most likely you need a new dogbone mount covered under Renault warently.
This might also fix the gearbox issue as it could be the mounts allowing the engine to move to much hence diffiuclt to change gear.
  Clio 1.4 16v Billabong
Thanks people i will get it in as soon as i can an let you know what happens etc. You have all been allot of help ta ste
sounds like the dogbone mount but if you've been giving it full beans everywhere driving it like a t*sser you may have also worn gearbox internals
  Clio 1.4 16v Billabong
Batman said:
sounds like the dogbone mount but if you've been giving it full beans everywhere driving it like a t*sser you may have also worn gearbox internals

No i dont drive like a tosser! Im a good lad!
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I bought a 51 plate 1.4 16v had all the issuse you have had and more ive had:

  • new engine mount (found after 8 times of taking it to a local renault dealer under warranty)
  • 2 coils
  • not starting (sensor issues took 4 times to get it right)
  • 2 bearings
  • varuous trims falling off on me eg the one round the steering column ( had no screws in it which is wierd, and then they fitted wrong i had to refit it myself to get it right)
  • throttle body cleaned after it wouldn't start correctly
  • more than i can remember
gear linkage still rattles under load ever since the engine mount went. Also it still knocks on gear changes when clutch engages.(renault blokes coudn't find anything wrong) saying this i love my car its great but just a few issues.
However i learned never trust a renault dealership they didn't do so well with mine :-( ,
not to say there all bad just a few that makes them all look bad.
  Clio 1.4 16v Billabong
Well i took it in and they said it was a strut/mount or something that holds the gearbox has snapped. So i asked if its safe to drive they replied yes if you dont cane it an you go gentle. Its booked in on 22nd cant wait to get it fixed scared i might make it worse and they wouldnt give me a courtesy car. So driving very slow and softley getting 45mpg i normally get 36-38mpg. Hopefully it will be fine after this it gets repaired.