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Help Meeee!!

i know im limited for mods, due to my free insurance. but realistically, what can i do to my new clio 1.2 billabong (dynamique based) ?

need to know what i can do!!!!

  Clio 1.6 16V

Fill your tank up with Optimax ......he he ....sorry ..... couldnt resist!

How about a replacement air filter panel or a chip job. These are pretty covert

Engine-wise, the old induction and exhaust combo will make the car sound ace, but dont expect tarmac-ripping power gains (no matter what MaxPower/K&N tell you).

It depends on what you want - for classic style, just colour code the bump strips and lower the car to the floor. Otherwise, see what the styling companies have to offer.

Ask the people (Renault I assume) that you have the warrenty with. They will tell you exactly what you can and cant do.