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Help needed for a fellow Clio owner!

  Silver Fabia vRS

Right I know how you guys are always willing to help out women in distress so here is a copy of an email sent to me that maybe some of you can help her out on! She cannot access the forum due to problems on her Mac so you will need to email her with a reply not post here.

My name is Gemma Wilkins. My problem is that Ive just bought a T-reg (1999) Clio 1.6 16v.

Firstly Im looking for an induction kit and a lowering kit for my car. I have been told that neither K&N nor Pipercross make an induction kit for my model but they do for the 172 and also for the 1.4 8v? Can i modify one to fit my engine or would they make one for me?

Also... what do you recommend as the best lowering kit for my car. Ive just put 15" Momo tuner alloys on, i didnt want to go too big cause i dont want to loose any power so how much can i lower by and what would improve the handling the most? Im also very interested in engine modifications to improve the cars performance - any help??

Im also looking to completely re-spray the car at the same time as my bodykit is done and put on. Ive had one quote so far but i spoke to some friends including one whos car has been in Max Power and the quote was about £1000 more than they were quoted at the same place! So any suggestions for that?

If anyone can, my e-mail adress is