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  Mini Cooper S JCW

im possibly going to buy a car on sunday, just rang the bloke up and i asked if it woz trade , he said yes...........

but when i went to find out the address he gave me his home address, and said the cars kept at home, so i asked why isnt it kept at the garage, he said he works from home and doesnt have a pitch...

DOES THIS SOUND DODGY to you? i am very interested in buying this car but unsure of where its dodgy or not?!

  Mini Cooper S JCW

PS bearing in mind its like 120miles away from me, so its a fair distance to travel to go see it!
  Mini Cooper S JCW

and another thing........

if this guy offers me a warrentty, and i take an extended 12 months one........


Absolutely, deffinitely and most certainly - youd be mad not to bearing in mind my experience. I bought a nice looking car with lots of work done to it, but have spent the best part of £4k getting it "perfect" in the last year. Please just have one done. Costs under £100, which sounds expensive, but a big bill could be £600+ on a 16v...
  Mini Cooper S JCW

ok cool il get an AA check done, i think i checked its about 150quid for standard, and like 300 for the dogs bollox check. standard with HPI will do me i think!!
  Skoda Fabia vRS

RAC charge £200 for the full check, £130 for the standard one

just checked there webby, but it says the standard check doesnt cover cars over 7yrs old :S

AA charge £110 and £200
  Mini Cooper S JCW

well as im a memeber of the AA i think il go for the full AA check.

as iv never owned a renualt or a clio, i aint got the slightest clue wot im looking for, but i have read the buyers guide which woz v helpful! :D