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Help Needed well bad

Guys i need help bad.

I had to jump start my car last night connected the red and black got into my car and there was smoke coming from the fuse box. I thought s**t so i started the car started fine. My clock wasnt working, nor was my stereo, and my rear windscreen wiper was stuck half way. Half way home i realised my brake lights wernt workin and then my dash display lights went out. This was at 3am. So got up this mornin to hav a look. I opened the fuse box and found the big fuse - Interior light/radio fuse melted into the fuse box. So i pulled this out with pliars and checked the other fuses the brake light was blown too. I replaced the brake light fuse and it blew as soon as i tried the brake. And replaced the other fuse and it blew straight away.

I really dont know wat to do?

Please help. Cheers
  2005 Impreza WRX STI

Quote: Originally posted by Rufstuf on 27 June 2005

Get to an auto electrician asap. There is a live wire grounding somewhere on the car.
got it in one! sounds like u have created a short somewhere mate

unless u know someone good with eletrics or a volt meter thing then i suggest

get out the yellow pages

ring a few and explain to them,

ask for how much it is an hour, could be £50 at a guess but i have no idea

that or ring a mate that knows about it

either way it sounds like you need help from someone who knows more about it, hard for us to say anything else on something like this really

Cheers guys

Im gonna hav a look at it after work tonight see if its a simple fault, like wire i installed for my amp. If not ill book it in somewhere.