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Help please!!

  Looking for a ph1 172
im having some problems with my mk2 1.2 8v.last wed started up ok drove to the end of my street then it cut out and now it will turn over but does not start.i had a neighbour look at it and he said the fuel injection. i am just stuck i dont no for sure what it is and i dont know how much it will be to get fixed please help.

  Looking for a ph1 172
he knows a bit about cars sparks at the fuel pump buzzez when the ignition is swiched on.also when you turn it over you can smell petrol if that helps lol
  Carrera 4S. Clio 172. M5
Hi Chris,
I would at least start by looking at the fuses. Check the fuel pump fuse. Not entirely sure where they put it on the 1.2 (someone else might be able to help here) but check the fuse board at the end of the dash and if the car has a black plastic box next to the battery, could be in there. (like the 172)

If the car was running and stopped, I know it sounds silly, but is it out of fuel ?

Also worth checking is the crash switch, again not sure on your car, but on the 172 its just behind the battery on the top of the strut. Round red rubber thing, push the end down see if it re-sets. You could also confirm if its working/faulty by taking it off and shorting the terminals with a spare bit of wire.
I will have a quick look on autodata and see if I can locate the components I mentioned, sorry I am not more familiar with your model.
  Carrera 4S. Clio 172. M5
OOPS posted after you said there was a spark and petrol etc.....back on my head !
  Looking for a ph1 172
i have checked all the fuses there all ok.the cut off switch has been reset and i just filled it up with fuel last week.cheers
  Clio 172 Rep (SOLD)
i had the same trouble on mine. try checking the key fob. has the chip moved or fallen out its hole. mine did the same, it would drive along fine and then just cut out. could be that.
  Looking for a ph1 172
yeh i had a look at that this morning poped the key open but the chip was in place

if theres fuel and spark then it should run.

its probably well flodded by now so floor the throttle whilst cranking, it will stumble a few times if theres spark, will take a while to fire it up though.

then make sure like h34ds the keys ok and its not immobilising whilst driving