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HELP!!! Power steering problem!

my power steering line has broke and is pissing my PAS fluid all over the place at the moment, it's the metal/copper one at the front of the system and there is a small hole in it at the moment. does anyone have the part code for it as Reno don't know whihc PAS line I'm talking about. It's not the 172 standard one, as my car's using the same metal one that the 172 Cup uses if anyone can help...
  CS Dungeon
Have you got the Dialogy's software fella?

If not I will have a look for you when the mrs gets home as my software is on the laptop which she is using at work
nah mate, not got it and know NOTHING about these fag Mk2's! lol

if you could that would be great, I'll PM you my MSN bud.
  CS Dungeon
Got your Pm mate, will get onto it tonight when she gets home.

Shame non of these other c***s have tried to help eh!
lol, Mr Atherton and Mike at Rentech are helping me at the moment, but I ordered a part from Reno just in case its the right one, they said I can always cancel it tomorrow if need be, but I'm 99% sure I have the right bit as it comes as the whole PAS line that goes from the pump to where the rack sits. Reno want £74+VAT to fit the t**t though!!! RAPE!!! Oh well, I'm not too bothered, as long as it's fixed, I've got a duel with an E46 this weekend that I dont want to miss! lol

Oh, saw the beast at GDI the other Saturday too, looks good mate, you back spanking Mk2's again then?
The one you have isnt a renault part, so a geniune item you shouldnt have a problem with.

I'd replace both as neither looked pretty.
get a pic up jon, then we can tell you exactly which peice to replace and best way to go about it.