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HELP, problems with my clio

Hi everyone.

I owe a V Reg Clio RN 1.2

The problems are:

Small Oil Leak (Only happend after i had it serviced)

I think the bearings have gone

I was also told the PAS Plug was leaking as well or something like that?!

The front discs are due for replacement any time soon as well.

Its the bearings that are doing my head in most, it started off only making small noises and now its very longer and louder noises.

This only started after i got the Stock 15" 2002 Clio alloys fitted as far as i know.

Help please, how much do you think this is going to cost me?


Took it to a garage about 30mins ago to find out there think the noise may be a drive shaft :(

I think im going to take the day off today and get a second opionion from dixons or the other local renault dealer.

How much are we talking for a Drive Shaft on a V Reg (2000) Clio Grance RN?

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i took mine in for bearings to be replaced and when i went to get it they said they had to replace the driveshaft bearings and gearbox mounts.

my cars never idled right since i got it back from them, i even took it back and they changed the sparks and did some electric checks and gave me another huge bill and still the problems not fixed. Never using them again!

get another opinion, good luck.