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Help replacing wishbones

  E36 328
Right i have got to this stage but i cant get the little blob bit on the end of the wishbone to come out of the little clamp bit behind the disc.

I have tried prising the clamp bit open but its properly stuck.


how the hell do i get that out? bash it out?
  E36 328
what the hell are they!? do i really need them? can i not bodge something together? like within the next half an hour?
  LY 182
large hammer, do i need to tell you any more?

stick it on lock, get a good swing on it and beat it out downwards.

no need for a tool NEVER needed one and to say i've done a few is a bit of an understatement
  Lots of Alfas
Id stick something under the disk to support it first if using the hammer method. Lots of penetrating oil always helps.
  E36 328
will that not hurt the spinning rod bit :S lol not too good on terminology?

edit: ^^^^^ yeah thats what i was thinking
  LY 182
no mate, you wont hurt it.

you'd have to go some to break it, dents just add charecter

seriously though hit it,, you will feel silly when you see how easy it beats out
  E36 328
ive just put the tyre on the wheel thats off under the disk and laid down on the ground and smashed it with a hammer but its having none of it, i cant get a good angle on it, if i could turn it round so the wishbone is facing outwards it would be better is it worth taking off the disk?
  Megane dci 130
Get a chisle and hit it into the gap where the joint goes into the hub. This will slipt it open. Then try. It should fall out.
  ITB'd MK1
if it's really stuck (and i've had to do this on a few balljoints) take the driveshaft out and use a drift and a hammer from aboveto punch the balljoint out of the hub. We use an air-chisel but a hammer will work almost as well
best tip i have is to remove the balljoint bolt out the hub (the big cast metal bit behind the disc) as you have done, then get a MEATY flathead screw driver and use it to pry apart the hub where the ball joint slots in. With the bolt removed the flathead can be used to lever the hub apart nicely.
Best of luck.

Refit is harder (it helps to remove the top hub/strut for movement)
  E36 328
ok i have the old wishbone out, now i have the new balljoint in, but am having trouble getting the other end into the subframe, the arb seems to be gettin in the way, if i undo it on the other side of the car, will the arb swing down out of the way allowing me to do up the mounts
  E36 328
also, last night i pulled the spinning rod bit (can someone tell me what its called??) out of im presuming the gearbox as this morning the disc could spin freely even though the car was in gear but i managed to slot it back in by turning it and pushing it and its gone back to where it was before, before i go any further i just want to make sure that i have done the right thing and that it doesnt need to go in in any special way? From what i imagine it seems it shouldnt make a difference as i think the end of the roddy bit is just splined and it shouldnt make a difference but i just want to clarify?