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Help required from renault owners.

As you may or may not know by now, my car a 172 MKII has been off the road at my local garage awaiting a new engine now for nearly 8 weeks. I have tried everything to get it sorted out and am starting to lose my patience. They say there is a formal investigation going on as to why Renault France are unable to send the correct engine to my local dealer.

Recently after being blatantly lied to by a Renault UK customer service team member I have started to threaten to take matters further to a consumer magazine or program, possibly What Car! This still does not seem to bother them. So I am asking for help from anyone with a Renault who has had some dissatisfactory service with Renault. I am especially interested in problems with 172 MKII but will take any service problems you have had. Please email details of you unsatisfactory service to along with your reg and model of car to I do appreciate your help and I will let you know if I will take it any further. Its time Renault sit up and realise that there service is shocking and do something about it. Please Help.

I will let you know how this shock tactic gets on and maybe others can use the info I will compile for there own benefit in the future.

Many thanks

m8, a petition is old hat...

ring the MD of the garage... not the slaes manager.. tell him that the internal investigation is great, but the custome still needs the vehicle whilst they sort out their inneficiencies...

meanwhile, you are starting a civil action for recovery of depreciation and loss of use. - and DO THIS ANYWAY !!

be fair, and firm... they will grovel...


Captain, its not an investigation at my local garage its an investigation between Renault UK and Renault France. The higest I have been able to speak to is Call centre supervisor the manager is away at the moment. Am awaiting his return with open arms (with a baseball bat in each!) I just want some proof that im not making it up and hopefully they will start running scared.

Guys, I have found if you speak to a Manager of Customer services things seem to get done!

Here are 2 names of customer services managers... Claire Atkinson and Alex Phelan

Call customer services (08000 72 33 72) and ask for one of these (i think Alex is better) and they seem to get things sorted. I was f***ing around with the people at the end of the phone for ages, once I got to one of the managers things seem to work out.

Hope this helps and you get what you want.



  Shiny red R32

I was told some time ago that both Renault and Peugeot are able to get any parts including a new engine DELIVERED TO THE UK THE FOLLOWING DAY!


  Shiny red R32

Eight weeks is far too long, I reckon that something else has happened. Have you actually seen your car recently? If not, I would go along to the dealer to see what stage they are at.

Tell them that you are going to seek advice from Trading Standards - that should scare them

Also send an e-mail to Auto Express Watchdog to: or phone him ASAP Tel: 02079 076 217

He actually got a replacement car for someone on here about three months ago, but I have forgotten his name.

i had a phone call today from my contact and he said he should have a definate date fro my car being fixed by the end of the week. One day left. If i dont get a call tommorrow i will try to speak to the manager again next week. Hopefully i can have it back before the Bedford track Day.