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Help With Bodywork Problem!!!!

hi guys some num nuts has scraped down the rear bumper and done some scratches and in some places taken the colour straight off not cracked or dented the bumper so it must have been a light scrap (b*****d aint owned up though argggghhh) rather than get it all sprayed is there anything i can do myself to remove the scratches cover the marks with the colour and get it all not to stand out like a 5 year old did it?

any suggestions on sand paper sratch remover etc etc and any other techiques please help guys i hate my car having any marks on it that is why it is normally mint!!!

any help would be great i could take pics later to show you what i need to do cheers guys...i have already got 1500 wet dry paper cheers
  Punto/Clio GTT
you can flat the entire area with your p1500 wetordry, get some of your paint thats mixed and appy it in the scratches with some folded masking tape, or cocktail stick if you have any, let that dry, then spray some laquer into the lid and do the same for that. then give it all a good polish up with some G3 or this scratch x? that the pc gheys on here use
cheers mate thanks for that help is there any art to using wet and dry cos i did a bit of the front bumper a bit back although i did not use the scratch remover afterwards it has taken out the scratch that was there and left little surface scratches from me rubbing if i use the scratch remover specially for plastic would this help ..where can i get this from cheers mate
  Punto/Clio GTT
i aint used scratch x myself but the detail geeks tend to swear by it, best pm Rich or Brazo or someone to ask wheres best place for discounts. Myself i use G3 this stuff.

after youve applied your paint, let it dry, apply your laquer, let that dry for a few hours, then just give the area a good buff up with it. wont be perfect but it will look alot better
cheers mate is that g3 stuff good stuff then for scratches on plastic like bumpers and glass work? ie front and rear lights? seems a good price i think i will have a go myself worse case i have to get it all respraid again so nothing ventured nothing gained i have the 1500 dry and wet and the touch up paint just need laquer can i ask do you have to get the 1500 paper wet before use or use straight away on paintwork do you do it very lightly or rub hard in straight lines of swirls etc etc cheers
  Punto/Clio GTT
yea g3 top stuff, if you ever get any scrapes or anything like that try g3, will get rid of most stuff.

as for the p1500, get yourself a bucket of warm water, add couple drops of fairy or whatever washing up liquid you got for lubrication n then just sand it down. keep it very wet though as the paper gets clogged up easy. just rub back n forth, round n round, whatever takes your fancy. as for the g3, give it a really good rub in, will take a few minutes to get rid of all the scarcthes as its primarily to be used on a machine polisher, but by hand is fine with elbow grease
  Punto/Clio GTT
lol itd take a damn lot of rubbing and about 2 days to rub through that far. dont be shy, give it a bloody good rub, ( your bumper that is )