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Help with Insurance******

Advice needed!!

My bird wrote off her car yesterday. She drove into the back of someone on the M25. They then hit the car in front. Because it happened on the fast lane the police helped out. Apparently they where really nice and friendly but they did question her on if the insurance company know of her moddifications!! She only has a Janspeed back box. She said that the insurance company did know (Lied)!

What will happen?

Will the police get involved and tell the insurance company to make sure?

Will a insurance inspector get involved in this case?

Will they be bothered as a bock box only makes a noise?


Any help or advice would be sound

From a police point of view its breaking the law.

From the insurers point of view she is in breach of contract but i can imagine shell just get billed more money.

Yeah but if the police say to the insurance company about the exhaust and then it is magicaly a standard one theni think that is even worse

Especially in that other thread about speeding where your word against mine doesnt matter, the police are always right.
  Revels Mum & Sister

Yeah what car is it??

Take it off and put the old one back on quickly. Or go up the scrappy and pilfer another one!!

Shouldnt think the police would say anything to the insurance. They just look at it from the point of view that you told them the Insurance company knew. So thats that. If they come round and see its on there and kick up a fuss. Not sure what they would do.

When a mate crashed we did the same with his backbox. Stuck his old one back on there before they inspected it!

Thing is when she moved to her insurance company she drove an AX GT but then she changed to her 106 xsi she told them and they changed her polocy and said they would send out her cover note. a month later she still hadnt recieved her cover note so she phoned them and they said that there was never a change made on the insurance and that by there recolds she is still driving the AX. They changed them but again she didnt recieve the cover note. When she phoned again the system still said that the car was a AX. In the end they worked out that the systwem was dropping her new details everytime instead of saving them. They sorted it out in the end. So she is going to say that she told them several times about the exaust and if it aint on their recolds then the system must have dropped the details again.

What do you reckon?

put the standard one back on and nip down to halfords. Get one of them crappy bolt on tail pipes and put on the standard back box

Thats a pukker idear. Get a standard one and put a clip on. Then thats what the police thought was a performance exhaust but really its a clip on.


Will she have an inspector around or will she just have to take it to one of there recommended bodyshops to see if it is a write off???
  Revels Mum & Sister

Well I doubt the Police heard it did they. Besides!! They probably dont care whack the old backbox on there an stick the trim on.

If she gets questioned say she was in shock and didnt know what the police man was saying.

One person who was in the accident has just phone her to say she wont be going throuhg the insurance as there is no damage. So my bird is phoning the other couple to see if she can pay for the damage( if not to much). Then the insurance done even need to know.