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Help with seats.


ClioSport Club Member
Right so I've got some decent Sparco bucket seats (thanks Jamie86)

I have many questions so wonder if anyone who knows more could advise me.

They've come out of a Saxo. So I've got Saxo frames and sliders I think. I'm told the sliders are universal anyway.

How hard would it be to drill more holes into the Saxo frames to adapt them?

I'm assuming I would need to drill holes in the Saxo frame to screw it into the normal chassis holes, then sliders should bolt to the frame, and seat to sliders.

How difficult are we talking, or should I just get some Clio Frames? Then again I'm still not 100% sure they will fit or be what I need anyway.

Also I've heard about sometimes seats sit too high, I'm quite tall so I was aiming to go for lower options if possible.

Looking at these on Demon Tweeks:

Would that fit to my sliders and seats, or would this from Ktec:

Or do I need the make to be the same ie Sparco...

Any help or guidance is very much appreciated.

Cheers chaps


ClioSport Club Member
Ok cool.

Will OMP ones be fine to match with Sparco seats?

I'm assuming the sliders are universal also but they may well not be.
  Superleggera'd Bean
Should be fine. My friend 'Jezzamac' has Sparco seats with OMP runners and frames.

Do you know what brand runners they are? Best thing to do is to phone somebody like Demon and just ask. That's what he did and everything works perfectly.


ClioSport Club Member
I have phoned a few places already and they have been very helpful. It's only because my dad suggested he could drill some holes and adapt the Saxo ones that I wanted to ask.

I will probably just buy some new ones as you say with the advice from a professional.

I have no idea what brand the runners are. Sparco I think..

So I'll need some frames (preferably low sitting ones I'm assuming), slider/runners and that's it right.