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Help with tyres...

  Renault Clio RSi Mk1
After lowering my Mk1 RSi (about 50mm ish) i am ready to put on some valver wheels.
I bought some with tyres already fitted, but they dont fit :S

The tyres i have on now are 175/60/14's and fit perfectly
The tyres on the valver alloys are 185/55/15's and dont fit at all :(

What size tryes do i need on the 15's ???????

Cheers Keith
  Renault Clio RSi Mk1
Firstly i want them to fit :cool:

But will be using either Proxes or Yoko's ;)

Will those sizes give me the same rolling diameter ???
  Renault Clio RSi Mk1
Blue4Ever said:
I don't see how/where/why they wouldn't fit!? lol

Because they arent the same diameter, 175/60/14 and 185/55/15

I just need to know the correct 15's to use, to get the same diameter as my 14's.....