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Help with vista please


ClioSport Club Member
Hi. Could do with a bit of help please.

I have an Acer aspire 3410 net book running Vista 32bit OS.
t booted up this morning fine but wouldn't find the wireless network and was running slow so I restarted it. Since then, I just get a white screen and the cursor. This happens if I boot it normally or in safe mode.
Pressing the windows button does nothing, can't get anything apart from task manager options but as soon as I choose one of the options I get the white screen.

Anyone know what could be the cause? I have no vista CD (and no drive anyway so couldn't reinstall if I wanted to)

Cheers for any help in advance.


ClioSport Club Member
Cheers. It managed to sort itself out eventually.

I've ran CC cleaner and windows anti virus, seems to be running OK now though but there
was a lot of crap removed and cleaned up.
  Yaris Hybrid
Well worth paying the upgrade cost to get Win 7 though.

For me the biggest problem with Vista is getting the service packs installed.

I end up repairing (mainly fresh rebuilds) a lot of laptops for friends and work colleagues and those packs always prove to be the biggest nightmare. It just ain't worth going through all that given how crap the OS is. I'd rather drop 60 notes on a Win 7 upgrade.
Yea, my old laptop on Vista was crap, new laptop with Windows 7 and it's actually a decent operating system!


ClioSport Club Member
Cheers for the replies guys.

So if i was to install 7, I'd have to back everything up (docs) and then re install all of my programs? Does this involve uninstalling vista and then installing 7 or does it just write over vista? Is it pretty easy to do (via USB as there is no cd drive).

I wont need to upgrade anything for it would I? Memory etc? I have 3GB DDR3, 250GB drive & a 1.2 celeron. Or is it just worth getting a new laptop? Doesn't run that slow TBH, apart from running Lightroom, that can really slow it down.

Cheers again.
  Focus ST-3
For me the biggest problem with Vista is getting the service packs installed.

Exactly this. Everytime it installed a service pack I had to rebuild my machine when i had vista. took me a while to realise what it was, then turned automatic updates off and never installed a SP again. Glad to have 7 now!!