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All of my modifying friends, k-tec racing(will sort it) and all the garages in my area have tried to help but cant. heres the deal
My 16valver is dropped 55mm front and back on gaz coilovers, when they first went on my car handle very well, room for improvement but i had just started playing with the settings to get it right. Over the past few days, under steer has been my midle name. Im not talking about when im really pushing it, i mean just driving normaly or giving it a bit of a go and my front end drifts out. This is very dangerous and even more annoying. Ideas so far are;
Raise at back or lower at front cos clios handle better then
Ball joints?
Or my springs are too hard(k-tec are sorting this)
I would be incredibly grateful if someone could help me out cos my baby clios once VERY strong point is now its achilles heal :cry: :cry:

If you have adjustable coilovers as i do then playing with the settings untill you get them exactly as you want should be a simple case of trial and error!?

As for the front being lower than the back for better handling, i believe this is the case with the standard suspension setup so perhaps you should aim to keep it this way!

still stuck boys and girls, although, been told that a level car or one with rear lower than front is heading for understeer city. something about my "rake" being wrong?

sounds like you have got to much negative camber, youll have to get it corrected!! this is common on lowered cars.

You say the car was good when they first went on. Why not go back to the original settings and start again?