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Last night my girlfriend; bless her, decided to top up the screen wash on the 172. Problem is she began pouring it into the power steering pump tank. We worked out she must have poured in about 100ml. Am i going to have to take it to a dealer and get the fluid drained and replaced?

i would say so, probably not a good idea to drive or even start the car though incase it pumps the water through, you may be lucky and the water may sit ontop of the pas fluid in the resevoir, id be inclined to call renault assistance if you have it and see what they say
  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg

This happens more often than you would think! Its not just women that do it either, a lot of numpty type blokes do it as well!

If you havent started the engine (hope not) then you should be able to drain the resevoir and then simply top it back up with ATF oil.

If you have run the engine, then I am afraid you will have to have the system drained, flushed and refilled!

No permanent damage will occur if you deal with it promptly.

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i think you should get a straw and make her suck it out!! lol ;)

u wanna padlock your bonnet.

i think most hydraulic fluids absorb water reducing their performace, best get it sorted - tell her it cost 100s to fix - she will have to be really nice to make it up to you :devilish: