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  MK2 PH2 1.2
Basically my friend has a 54 plate Clio dynamique and the other day he came out of work and tried starting it but it wouldn't crank and the red light on the dash is on constant!
The ignition is on but the engine won't start :banghead:

Any advise on what it could be would be greatly appricated!

Cheers lads
  Clio 200 CUP
Yer could be the immobilisers try diskceneting the battery and put it back.It resets the car and could just be that if not that it could be the Alternator , battery but see what peple say
  Clio 200 CUP
What it did not work reseting it. Its worked for me in past sorry it did not work if you go to a garage they may not be abul to find anything. Best thing is to taking it to a reanult specialist i would say ?
  MK2 PH2 1.2
It's not my car mate, it's a friends!
Yeah it's gone to a garage (Not sure wether it's Renault, Renault specialists or just your average smokey joe)

Thanks for the advise tho
  Clio 1.5 dci
mine had this, turned out it was a corroded wiring loom, very costly repair as i replaced the whole loom but at least now it's sweet!
  pb ph2 172
theres a wire that runs over the gearbox
thats gonna be broken
if the lights on solid its 100% NOT an imobiliser problem