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Heyford Driving Academy - Fantastic!

Wow guys, got back home after a fantastic day down at Heyford, we did so many things, seating/steering control, car control, emergency breaking, steering+control, car balance, then a max speed run (bit too short i recon ;-) and a mini track - Absolutely cool, best £79 quick ever spent.

Ive got some photos which Ill try and sort out later on tonight, and there are some <a target="_blank" href=" of the day here

All I have to say is that we really should organise a day for with Motorsport Events Ltd, a very well run, well organised day of driver fun! and it can really help your driving technique.
  VW Transporter 174

Glad you had a good time roamer,now why dont you put that £20 voucher towards a trackday at kemble before the winter weather sets in.
PS. was natasha there?

172 slayer
  VW Transporter 174

Glad you had a good time roamer,now why dont you put that £20 voucher towards a trackday at kemble before the winter weather sets in.
PS. was natasha there?

172 slayer

Wow I can actually get on and post a thread!!

I have to agree it was a top day. Lots of different exercises to keep us busy all day! Well worth £79 and the missing rubber!

They highlight of the day for me was the Slalom course. A line of cones that stretches out just under a quarter of a mile. They start close together and gradually get further apart so that you can build up quite a bit of speed towards the end flipping the car between them. Loadsa fun.

The lowlight was smashing the front passenger inner arch sh1tguard on a cone as the instructor was telling me to push it harder in to the understeer exercise. Only minor damage though! Funnily enough Mike got exactly the same damage from exactly the same exercise!!

One other thing - concrete seems to eat tyres a lot quicker than tarmac. My fronts are now definitely below the legal limit!

Oh and Slayer Natasha was there. Is it ?

Sounds great fun lads.. I was away when you organised it or Id have given it a go. Will keep em peeled for the next trip!

And a pleasant post from the 172 slayer.. are you mellowing mate?!
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Yeah, the Slayer is mellowing - it was actually his recommendation that led to me booking the Driving Academy. It was brilliant!

Got 2 new tyres fitted yesterday, and this morning its off to Renault to get the cone-induced damage fixed!

Rich / John - I got my pads checked yesterday - no problems which was a pleasant surprise having driven home with no brakes for the first 50 miles!

Cant wait for Friday @ Bedford!!

My brakes felt like a wet sponge for the first few miles so its good to know that theyre OK.

Im now off to Mr Renault for cone damage assesment!!

Any more pics yet John?

No piccys yet matey, still got to get them off the camera and sort out the crap (Loads of these) from the good (a few )

Will try and get this done tonight (I was busy trying to clean the car again last night, then got into the fast and the furious again - and spotted some complete bolox in the dialogue - sad I know)
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Went to Renault this morning to get the damaged sh*tguard done. The mechanic lashed it all back up and said it would be ok. I asked whether I should order new parts - he smirked and said I shouldnt bother cos Id only go and do the same thing again which is probably true!

Ive got photos and videos from Heyford - Ill post em over the next couple of days.

I completely obliterated mine so a new one is on order. Just booked in for the first service and nearly had an argument with the receptionist as she insisted the car shouldnt be serviced until 18,000 miles. Doh!

Just had another look at the tyres - I think theyll be fine!!
  Renault Laguna Coupe

At least if you swap em round youll have the satisfaction of knowing that you got every last corner of use out of them by the time the Toyos arrive! Looks like we need a cunning plan to get a few more people for Friday tho

Right - the next one, Im going. I hate missing out on things and unfortunatly there was financial reason behind missing this one...

Pictures look brill, Cars look brill, Day looks brill

Can anyone put a finger on another course?


You definitely would have enjoyed it Dave.

They run these events quite regularly. <a target="_blank" href=" Motorsport events

Also once youve attended 1 you get £20 off any following sessions you book. So thats £59 for a full day of driving tuition!!