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Hi all I am new to the group

  Clio Raider
Hi everyone I am new to the group, I’ve just brought myself a rare stealth grey raider no11, it’s got 20mm wheel spacers on and R888 apart from that it’s totally standard,

what you guys think???


  • C8D58897-5088-4E85-AEC0-97342CDBBAA4.jpeg
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ClioSport Club Member
  440i + 182
Actually very jealous as I would love another Clio as a weekend car as well as the track car lol.
  Clio Raider
Well why not mate your only young once lol I see you’ve got a track spec 172?? I used to have one of them, they are so much fun, I used mine on a couple of track days had a good old battle with ep3 type Rs,

Smoothie Claymore

ClioSport Club Member
Half the people on here don’t even know what chads are!

Looks lovely that, between that, Albi blue and Liquid Yellow, I don’t know why anyone would choose any other colour for a 200.