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Hi all :)

  Clio R27
Well where do I start, I always wanted a Clio Williams from a young age and I am now a day or so away from picking up my very own LY R27 :) it will be driven by the other half every day but will be my toy for evening and weekends.

Any first time advice would be fantastic as Iv only ever had vans before and a little 1.1 106 when I was 17(I'm 24 now) this will be my pride and joy as we are even moving from our flat to a house with a drive so that I can wash and polish her easier

I look forward to becoming an active member :drunk:
  RB 200
welcome from the north east mate.
take the ''clio'' badge off the back :) always a good place to start!

just take your time to get the feel of it, you'll know soon enough how it drives, but i'd say you need to give it a good go :p it should kindly beep to tell you whens right to change gear :p ..

have fun.
  Clio R27
It's all ready off so someone has done that :) Hopefully pick it up on Monday as the seat has been sent off to be repaired as it had a small tear in the side. All new major service done on it so will all be good. Plus found some lovely B roads today on my working travels that got the caddy wheels squeaking so can't wait to try them out in this