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hi folks,i have 5k to spend on a williams

im looking for some help i.e. how much to pay for one,what one is best 1,2 or 3,buy it privately or garage? any useful info on my purchase would be much appreciated, i am from scotland and im willing to travel a couple of hundred miles to get a good one,



Very much your own tastes dictate which one is the best. Some purists think only the Williams 1 is the one. In reality, youll find that youre not spoilt for choice with less than 1200 built in total of the 1, 2 and 3!

The Willy 1 and early Willy 2s are Phase1, while the later Willy 2 and all Willy 3s are Phase 2s. Very minor cosmetic differences, but I think most people agree that Phase2 Clios look better.

Have you considered a mint 16v? - almost the same car! It would be a crime to mod a Williams over certain "acceptable" limits, e.g. chip, exhaust etc. Different story with the Valver.

ive looked at 16vs but im defo after a williams,loved them for years now finally can afford one they are special motors,of course i would not touch it mod wise,only what you said i.e,stainless steel magnex system,air filter maybe lowered abit, i am lookin at one on autotrader its a williams 2 with 55k fsh and the rest,also looked at that one with 20,000 miles at 5995,something doesnt seem right with that one, thanks for the help mate

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What doesnt look rite mate. There are a few low mileage William about. Seems like a good buy!!

whats williams 3 got that the others dont electrics wise? the one at 20,00 o milesmight be a genuine good buy, but its at 6 and i only have 5 :-( need to get one in the next week though my xr2i has had its time i think

Really check that history out, especially if you are going to pay extra for one with supposedly low mileage.

The Willy 3 has an electric sunroof, windows and mirrors, but they are not exactly goody packed cars! Not a problem as its not really what you get a Willy for. If I were you Id try and find one in really good condition that has obviously been looked after for the amount of money you can afford. Doesnt really matter whether its a 1, 2 or 3. With a 1 you get the little plaque with its number on it and the 3 has the nicest colour (in my totally biased opinion!)


Use the Search option at the top of the page and you will find tonnes of Willie info.

My desicion was based on 2 things -

1: I wanted the newest possible Willie - that would be a Willie 3 - but Clios with sunroofs sometimes have leakage probs and more worringly (if youve spent a lot of cash on the car) the roof can crease slightly! Willie 1 & 2s dont have sunroofs - I dont know if this is a prob on Willie 3s as it is on Valvers but the amount of (borrowed) money I was spending I couldnt take the risk!

2: Just to get the best possible Willie for my cash

So I ended up with a 1995 Williams 2.:)

Good luck!
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the 2 has the leccy mirrors as well, and all have leccy windows

3 has abs too

Williams 2/3 are phase 2 Clio, and 1 and 2 are sports blue, whereas 3 is monaco blue

Ah yeah, forgot about the ABS. It does work very well actually. Although the braking power isnt quite up there with the 172, its not bad at all in the Willy.

I dont think Ive got any creasing in the sunroof, and theres definitely no leaking, but I could easily live without it. Probably adds a bit of weight too.
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Buy mine. The steering wheel is on the wrong side, and it has a few miles on it but youll save some money. £3,225 and shes yours.

Bought mine beginning of the year...

Decided on a 3 because they are the latest model and hopefully the ones in best nick (not always).

The sun roof creasing thing only comes into play if youre hammering it with the sunroof open... Ive started to use mine now the weather has got better and its great.

As an idea of price mine was 4995 with 62k miles on it. Internally it is in mint condition even coming with the standard fit original renault radio, the woman who owned it before me had it from new.

Mine also had a service history up until 42k miles then it stopped, when I picked up the car it was badly in need of one, so I wrangled with the garage I got it from and they put a 6 month warranty on it instead of a usual 3 month. For 5 grand dont accept one that isnt in top notch condition inside and out.

All in all I think I got a bargain, people were offering the garage 200 quid more than I paid for it when they heard it was in, but Id stuck my deposit down a week in advance. For 5 grand you will definitely get a nice one.

I just tried to hold out until a decent one came around, now I own arguably the best hot hatch of all time, if that doesnt whet your whistle I dont know what will.

im selling mine for £6,500

ill let it go for 6K min tho.. its mint :)

currently on 39K miles. had full service in january this year.

has Scorpion SS Exhaust system on it.

Hill power induction kit

Sony xplode amplifier, sony cd player

only thing thatd need attention is a few minor scrapes on the wheels where ive had to mount the kerb :mad:

Or you could buy mine. It has a few subtle mods, ie: Magnex exhaust, air filter and suspension and has 77k on the clock. It is in great condition and has had no expense spared.


i defo cant afford 6k im stretching the limit at 5,i wanted to spend 4 at first but i want a really good one, i phoned the garage who is selling the one on autotrader with 20,000 on the clock its advertised at 6 he said the lowest he would go was 5500 but again cant afford even the extra 500, if he went to 5 then i would have got it this weekend. im lookin for one with the lowest milage possible, thanks for the replys folks i need all the info i can get, cheers
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Get £5,000 in crisp notes and walk in to the dealer. Slap the wad down on his desk. You most likely will drive away with the Willy.

Money talks, bullsh*t walks.

If there was a lot of interest in it why is it still there?

If it was any good it would have been snapped up!


ABS would be nice williams 3 wise, but just get whatever one you find in alright nick for the money. Dont buy a shady car just cause you need one by tuesday or whenever Ive made that mistake before just take the bus for a bit. You need a bit of time to get williams cause there arent that many about to choose from, but they are worth it not amazing in a straight line but b roads... :) Plus depreciation is pretty amazing, if you keep it in good nick and stay below 100k miles then surely it will always be worth £3000.

ps if you have any mechanical know how then hire a trailer and get craggys (see for sale board). Its the bargain of the century.

just to let you know im picking one up on thurs, 55k,fsh standard except from magnex system and k+n filter,got the guy to 4500 looks a minter,the guy has a cosworth now lucky bugga