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Hi from Northants - 197 owner


ClioSport Club Member
  ITB's RB & F56 jCW

well iv been on here a while, just havent posted, due to owning a saxo, pictured below!


its now for sale, cause iv brought a red clio 197 with cup pack etc.


im 19 from Rushden,

So a big HI from me, I shall be on here alot more tooo!

C&C Andy
  White clique
welcome on board, exactly the same colour as my old one, and i'm sure you'll have many happy miles of motoring ahead, good choice of colour!!


ClioSport Club Member
  2006 Megane R26
Ooooooo I saw you in your Saxo in Rushden the other day! I'm from Higham, and drive a Phase 1 with black OZ F1's. I shall keep my eyes peeled!


ClioSport Club Member
  ITB's RB & F56 jCW
Thanks for the all comments! .. cant wait to enjoy it!.. insurance is a Joke! as you can imagine, let alone the fuel lol, im debating wheel colour at the mo, .. but thanks for a warm welcome,Andy