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Hi, new member here.

  Clio 172 Cup
Hello! I thought I would introduce myself as I have just bought my first Clio and joined the club also.

My name is David, and this my first foray into french car ownership, having come mainly from Fords but also Audi and BMW, and some other bits.

I started liking the look of the 172, especially after seeing them on track ( I track a fiesta ), and as my daily is past its best now, I decided a 172 would make a good replacement. Started looking and picked up a phase 2 172 cup yesterday.

Anyway, thats me, thought I would say hi, and please expect lots of silly questions!:)
  Clio 172 Cup
Cheers guys, I must say my membership has already paid for itself, saving me money on insurance and a few quid on detailing products. Very, very impressed so far, this is how a club should be done.
  Clio 172 Cup
Here is a quick picky of the Cup, in need of a good clean!


This is my Fiesta Trackcar, featured in Performance Ford in 2009 and not used much since, back out this year I hope. Looks a bit different now, different wheels and no stickers.


Also built this Fiesta with a friend last year, now sold my half of it, loads of fun and again featured in PF last year. Its a 1.8 zetec, nitrous and a fair few other tricks up its sleeve.


Also have a couple other toys and currently building a ST170 powered Ka.



ClioSport Club Member
  A Yellow One
Welcome to the club :)

You'll find lots of useful info and people here :)
  SG9 Forester STi
Welcome to CS!

Sounds like you've had a fair few fun cars :) the ka project sounds cool!

Enjoy the site and clio :)