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Hi...newbie from Swindon...pleasure is all mine...

  R5 GTT

I have started another newbie thread somewhere but that boring so I thought I'd do another!

I own a silver Ph1 172 that is 100% oe...well she is currently wearing my white clio willy wheels and is slightly lowered on eibach schprings :rasp:...shes done 47k, owned her coming up to 2 years with no issues and she gets used 'sensibly' where ever possible :rasp:

Cambelt is due, probably overdue and in definite need of a dephaser pulley...

Got my membership pack today so I'll make sure I abuse the discounts where possible.

I also own a R5 GTT...with an F4R conversion...80% complete, weighing up who I want to do my exhaust and manifold :cool:

I'm a pretty mechanical minded fellow, if anyone needs assistance or help feel free to bung me a msg etc...ask Mr Adeyspec, he'll vouch for me :star:

I bid you farewell...for now...:cool:


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