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  Ph1 172
Hi, I just joined Clio sport, reason being is i just bought myself a lovely little Ph1 172 :D pick her up in the week cant wait.

  Ph1 172
I sure will Ady182, always wanted one but could never afford the insurance, but now i can and i cant wait to pick her up :D woohoo will get some pics up soon.
  S2 106 Rallye
Welcome to ClioSport.

Going by your name and recent purchase of a 172, I can only assume you are Cam Riley from Somerset. But just to confirm…

Previous cars:
Vauxhall Corsa. Mods: Alloys, lowered, bonnet smoothed, debadged. Written off in the back of your dads brand new Audi TT...?
Honda Civic 1997 1.4/1.6 - Slammed, big loud exhaust, alloys. Written off or sold?

If this is you, then you need to listen.

Cam, the neighbours don't come knocking on your door complaining about your driving for the sake of it. You need to start driving a little better with more respect. You've forced me off the road on one occasion, tailgated me on numerous occasions wanting to ‘race’, so since then, you've got the middle finger on a daily basis (as you probably realised). Do you also remember the lady who now refuses to drive due to the way you cut her up? Her husband is the one who gave you a hiding if you remember?

I have one message for you Cam, which is that if you ever cut me up again, or any of my family, I will see to it that you pay for it. I know where you live, I know your family, I know your car, I even know your phone number, I know everything there is to need to know about you Cam.

You’ve now got a real nice car which is good performance. The fact you thrashed your civic to within an inch of it’s life (and other peoples) on public roads by overtaking on blind bends, tailgating and pulling out of junctions forcing cars to slam on, is quite worrying to think what you’re going to do with the 172. You don’t have anything to prove anymore Cam. The civic was slow, so I understand why you felt the need to redline it, though the overtaking and tailgating is idiotic and dangerous.

To summarise Cam, don’t cut me up, don’t tailgate me, don’t force me to pull over as a result of you cutting me up, don’t overtake on blind bends and/or when there is oncoming traffic. I WILL report you to the police if I ever see you driving like that again.

I hope you understand why up until now, on a daily basis, I make a point of giving you the finger as we pass each other. The problem I have with you is the way you drive. If you drove with a little more RESPECT, I would think you're alright. Everyone overtakes and everyone goes fast, but there’s a place for it Cam, blind bends and whilst there is oncoming traffic is not the time and place.

If you still feel the need to settle any form of differences, feel free to come along to a track day. I don't race on the road.
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  S2 106 Rallye

Doing 60/70mph in a 30 limit at 18:50 last night (on the A38 in Cross/Somerset) shows that you clearly can't read

I do actually HOPE you have some sort of accident with a tree and nobody else is involved. I guess you need to learn the hard way.

Anyway, noting down your numberplate tonight/over the weekend :)
  S2 106 Rallye
I'm just suprised he hasn't replied with something along the lines of.

"yeah f**k you, I CAN KICK YOUR ASS NOW"

Throttle bodies anyone? :)
  S2 106 Rallye
The reason I posted this in the public forum is because if he gets some cliosport stickers, he really will give this club a bad name and a very bad image unless he changes his attitude.
  Ph1 172
Nick i was not even driving my car at 18:50 last night im not trying to cause an argument but my car was on my drive and i was with my dad in weston super mare so there was no way that that could even of been myself.