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Hi :)

  Clio Phase 1 Sport
Hi guys,

I'm Joe, I'm 17 and learning to drive. I've recently bought a Renault Clio phase 1 sport 1.6 :) I was learning in a Peugeot 206 zest 3 until my dad wrote off the car due to some black ice, so I've been given something with a little more power :D which is slightly ironic :)

I'm not entirely sure what's left to say, but I'll try get some pictures up soon :)
  Fabia VRS
wow... have fun with the insurance!

Give it a clean and get some pics up fella (I am also 17 :) )
  Clio Phase 1 Sport
oh sorry, I meant a 1.4.. But it still shifts :p I'm not entirely sure how much my insurance is, my parents sorted it all out... But it's just under the £1'400 mark :)