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hi just a quick message to say hello to everyone and tell u a bit about me, i am 16 years old and am working for a main renault dealer and have just brought myself a phase 1 1.2 clio

which i intend to modify as working for a garage i got a slight advantage with infomation with all clios etc and if anyone is stuck with a problem i will try to help them out

no my claim to fame, on monday of this week a was handed the keys to a v6 clio whihc i was allowed to drive only on works premises but it was worth it, havn;t been out in one yet but am hoping for later on this week as we stioll have one in

and have driven numerous 172s and cups etc and i do really want one!

thats about it really just introducing myself to you all.

Hi Paul,

You have a great job!

Im sure when you get your insurance premium for your clio i reckon youll have your modification ideas on hold though!

Any news on the clio cups additional track day goodies? I heard renault are going to be supplying upgrades...


got just under 2 months now till i am 17, but have been waiting 4 years to drive got my first car a fiesta when i was 13,

yeah my job is great i love it, insurence is gonna kill me either way but its just something i am gonna have to put up with, but when work are paying for me to be insured for anythign work wise which covers me for 172s v6s and so on i cant really moan at insurence costs

in a few of the renault brouchers it does say the only optional extras for cups is a 6 point cage or a ten point cage and a couple of other track day type items
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Well if you can get your hands on the technical stuff, workshop manuals, data CDs, parts catalogues etc. then Ill have them!