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Highway through adrian flux


ClioSport Club Member

how would people rate adrian flux, i think they are going to be my cheapest quote, i have been with highway last year but with a different brooker, what has been peoples experiences with either

cheers neil
  transit connect

i think with various differenty brokers i been with highway since 17 im 22 now never had any probs .never really had any claims thoug

Im on the same deal Adrain Flux/ Highway.
Im not sure what to make of them they seen ok for price and mods but reading the stuff there are a load of bits in there paperwork that got me thinkign ie wanting to know who installed ever mod and that they can send someone to check the mods etc and I have to pay for his services.

Not had any problems with them though realy and Adrain Flux are very good service wise when you ring them up.

Im not going with them next year though. Elephant are even cheaper.
  Clio 1.6 16v 2003

with adrian flux atm but when i get the 182 in may they quoted 860 notes! the renewals are rubbish to.

bloody £640 with privilege
  106 GTi

Also with Flux, they matched the best prices I could find. The policy is with the Royal Sun Alliance in my case though not Highway.
  Ph2 172

Ive been with Flux for a while. They have their moments, sometimes they are spot on. Price is always good.

However they did shaft me somewhat when i changed from my Saxo to 206 a few years back (went back on what i was quoted for the change over). Also when i needed to make a claim they just gave me the claims number for the insurance company, didnt want to know themselves. Getting anything done on that claims number was a pain as well.
  Not a Clio

2nd year with flux now.

Only problem i ever had was when i swapped banks and contacted flux to set up direct debit with new bank and they told it was too late, they wanted payment from debit or credit card within a week else they would cancel the policy. Ended up borrowing from relatives to pay it via debit card and then they still took the money by DD from my new bank account anyway which they said they could not do!

Oh and they also charged me for changing address and despite being in the same area but on a drive rather than a public car park my premium stayed the same.

if the car is standard / lightly modifed, I cant beat elephant, or

I insured my valver for £580 Fully Comp, for me and the missus. we are both 22, I had 2 years no claims, she had only been driving about 3 months!

No no no no no

Flux suck.

Lie to you on the phone, deny saying something that they blatantly have, fiddle the excess to get a cheap quote for you so it comes through different on the paperwork but youve already signed up so cant get a refund, and they take forever to pay money out.

Wouldnt touch them with a barge pole personally, not unless I had a car that I was happy to crash and just buy a new one rather than claim.


ClioSport Club Member

well got quotes from flux and confused and elephant and flux were the cheapest, so i have to ring on saturday.

that is slightly worrying white16valver

lol no they arnt really
admiral own elephant iirc aswell another one to avoid
its all very well and good getting cheap cover but thats only half the story

Ive had the misfortune of having to claim with Flux/Highway.

Absolute nightmare - I wouldnt reccomend them to my worst enemy.
  V6 Exige, GTR R35

I was with Highway and smashed an xr2i which i had for 10 years - loved that car! when i went to make a claim they were such a bunch of Tos*ers i didnt bother...

In the end i broke the car up, sold it as parts and made a lot more money out of it.

Sadly the XR2i has died - but got a 172 now which is even better... Insured through direct line, never had any probs



ClioSport Club Member

Have you tried greenlight? They were £100 less than my next lowest quote at £650 protected on the 182. Im 25 with 8 yrs no claims but was banned for a few weeks in 2002 for an sp50 (seems to add about 1/3 to all my quotes)


ClioSport Club Member

nope they were an extra £100 for me, cant find anywhere cheaper,

so who is the problem here is it adrain flux or is it highway as as i have said i was with them for a year already and had no problems

Was with Flux the whole time I had my valver and now on the 172, so about 5 years.

No real problems, few crappy admin errors Ive had to correct them on though.

Renewal came through yesterday, hideously overpriced and with only 2 years ncb!! (I should have 5)

They said I had an outstanding claim with them and until it was settled theyd only give me 2. Turns out that when I had my accident two months ago (woman hit me, well my car :p ) they opened a claim even though I claimed all off the other person. It was totally blank so I just asked them to close it and they gave me my ncb back :)

Then they gave me a recalculated renewal which was still £300 more than Privilege online. He went away, called me back 10 minutes later and beat Privilege by a tenner (Was already a very low quote imho).

So its off to Privilege tomorrow and their "we will beat any renewal" to get it down more :)

Adrian Flux were very cheap for me I changed my policy to another car and they only wanted £120 for the rest of the term (8months) and this is on a car 10 groups higher (on 3TFT though).
  182, GTR, C63

I found elephant ok as they insured me in my mums name and me as named driver on the cup (i was 18) and i wrecked it and me n my mum got our story right and so they couldnt fault us for anything and they paid out 7800ish within a month. Couldnt belive they did though.

I was only payin 1400 per year with half a years driving expirience.

Lost my mum 6yrs ncb but made sure i could get her insurance just as cheap.

Dont go into the accident i was just using it as an example to how they payed me out!

Im insured with them now and in december my insurance runs out ill be 19 with a years ncb and am hoping i can insure a 182 for around 2k. Learnt my leson about driving the hard way so shouldnt have any probs now with a 182.

wezzie when u totaled the cup did they come check the car for mods. I am 18 on a 182 under mums name for £1700 with elephant. My mods are insured like exhaust and lowering but wondering if they actually check.