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Hill Power

  Lionel Richie
unfortnatley not, i believe someone in his family passed away and he had to give it up (i might be wrong though)

shame as he's a top bloke, saved my arse once!
  Clio Sport 172 MK2
Damn needed him to do a cambelt for me? Your in Brum arnt ya? how much ot fit full cam belt kit with aux for some peace of mind>
  Clio Sport 172 MK2
a real shame for the family if mate had a lot of work done with them on his mk1 clio and said he would be able to sort a cam belt out for me
  Maybe a 172 Cup..
Only an hour from Loughborough to Fred.;)

Some say he eats Renault cambelts for breakfast without milk! ....All we know is he's called Fred!

Never used him, but he's the man.You'll not find better.


ClioSport Club Member
  Many Things
Nick did the inlets on my megane 4 years back, seemed a sound guy although I didnt appreciate nearly writing off the underside of my car on the speedbumps towards his shed lol