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Hmm what you thinks peeps!

My mate has reserved a valver at a dealership tonight, hes really set on buyin but has some queries! its a p/x car that someone used to trade in for a newun, has 120,000 on the clock but apparently is mint with 3 owners.

Two things hes worried about:

1. Play in steerin, i explained how common this is, and remedies

2. apparantly the front wheels slpoe in a bit, is this norm? i cant remeber on my old valver.

  Golf GTi DSG

Best to get the AA or someone to check it over, might cost your £150-£200 but could save your mate spending x amount on a dodgy car.
  BMW 320d Sport

Sounds like the steerings knackered. If the play is noticeable then its too much. Likewise if the camber of the front wheels is noticeable then its too much, I dont know the exact settings but it definitely shouldnt be obvious to the naked eye.
  Mr2 Roadster

Hello peeps, Im new here, a friend of DannyBoy. Its me whos looking at this old Clio, its cheap for its condition. Main problem is the steering and was just wondering what it would cost to put it right.

It has a slight tick as well but its intermitant, so Ill put that down to dirty oil. Otherwise the car is as mint as Ive seen in quite a while.

Nick. :)
  Mr2 Roadster

I dont have a budget. I just keep my eyes open for what ever is out there. This one is mint has not damage on the body at all. Its clean inside, doubt that I can actually go wrong.

I had a quote for the steering column(new and fitted) of £230 at Apline Renault Racing. Cant be too bad, seeing as Five-Alive wanted £200 for a secondhand one fitted.

Have a thousand things I need to check tonight, mainly rust and well go from there.

Its only going to cost £1000 with the new column and it has a decent Clifford alarm in it. I dont think I can lose. Even the gearbox is sound, really tight.


Have it mate, for that sort of money you cant really go wrong IMO of course, the valver engine should be good for many more 1000s of miles........
  Lionel Richie

It doesnt really matter that its done 120K, just put a Willy engine in or do a 2.0 bottom end conversion
  Mr2 Roadster

2 litre conversion, what sort of cost is that, sorry to sound stupid but Ive been a Golf MkII man for a few years now !!!
  Mr2 Roadster

Im looking for a bargin, and why not. Have the money to spend more but I knew if I waited long enough a bargin would appear and maybe it has. I just hate the idea of spending £3000+ and finding out its just as good as this one. At least at this price I can sell it on even if its trashed for the same money...