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hmmmm, opinions

  b/g 182, meg tourer
well... im in a bit of a pickle.
apex or prolines? i love the way the prolines ride but i love the way the apex look.

i dont want to damage my shocks by running apex, i can put up with it being a fairly bumpy ride. and i don't really mind avoiding speedbumps. the apex look fantastic and they don't handle too bad. reduce body-roll a lot!

the prolines handle well and are very comfortable. but they are not low enough! they do look pretty low for prolines tho :cool:

what do you think i should do??








  b/g 182, meg tourer
Cool. Apex for when you're parked, sportlines for when you want to drive ;)


that pic you posted of the sportlines has tempted me actually! that does look good.
do you have anymore pics of it on sportlines?
maybe sportlines looked higher because they were on cups and 172's etc.