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holding back from cold

  Renault Clio Sport 172
I hope some one can help me with i few ideas of a problem ive had for a few months now!!

My 172 is suffering badly.

For the last few months i have been having the same problem of holding back form cold.
Ok lets start from the beginning. start engine and let tick over for a few minutes let oil get moving and temp to pick up. On pull way seems to be ok but then just as you are about to change in to 2nd the car dies of power has a massive flat spot and holds back.
such as pulling out of a junction normaly and it will happen. (my normal isnt with front wheels spinning leaving the car behind me in clouds of smoke)
Also when in 2nd and 3rd the car feels lerchy and accelerates and deccelerates on its own. this only happens when the temp gauge is reading about quarter of the way up the gauge (3rd dash) once above there seems to be ok. There has never een any warning lights on the dash while this happens.

My Renault garage has looked at this 3 times each time telling they can find a problem.
On my 3rd visit they even tried telling me believe it or not that..........

This is a renault dealership where i used to work!!!

Please help with some ideas of what could be causing my car to do this as my warranty runs out in november and wan to get it sorted before then.
  BMW M3
Im not sure if its the same characteristic, but all 172/182s are dogs when cold. Gear changes can be a bit jerky and the car seems to die of power when acceletating. After 5 mins mine is usually fine and i think most people will say the same. Not too sure though if this is what your describing.
  Renault Clio Sport 172
i know they do run lumpy but can never remember it being any thing like this before. I have had the car a year now. When shes warm she runs sweet and i love the car to bits it just seems to have got worst again now the cold morings are coming back. also forgot to mention she uses alot of petrol/ do you think this could be related??
  Clio 197
They all start to do that after some time.

I'm not exactly sure why, but it becomes characteristic of all of them once they're a certain age.

Some time ago, I replaced my spark plugs... and it cured the problem for a wee while. Interesting isn't it...
  Clio 172 mk2
My 172 is pretty hesitant when started....kinda holds back like you describe.

Usually dissapears within 5/10 minutes though so it could well be a common quirk of these RS Clios
  clio 172
very common problem mine does this on and off only from stone cold picks up after 2mins
edde (expert on this site) told me once it was something to do very emissions
search this site for common problems you will find this alongside all the other problem you will develop as your clio gets older
It should only exist for a minute or two does the temperatrurwe gauge move up and down as the sensros can be faulty.
  1.6 Astra ... R.I.P. 182
ill be honest and say this is a standard thing :quiet:

very patchy engine when cold