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horn not working

  BMW 320d Sport

It can only really be a loose wire at the horn end. The horn can knacker up if you run without the sh*tguards in the wheelarch. Does this apply to you?


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  Lazy v8

if u need a new horn now is a good time for the excuse to get every boy racers dream the horn that plays la cuca racha u know u want it go on be brave stand out from the croud.

  BMW 335i M-Sport

the horn on the 172 is two-tone if one tone stops working the other will still work so yours must have a problem possibly with a switch or relay. one tone packed up on mine last year and had to have one horn replaced

Nick it has got as u say the sh#tguards:) its booked to go in to renualt monday they said there want for about an hour seems they no whats wrong least its covered

LOL at malice:D i dont think ill do that mate

Cheers richard