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horn stoppeed working following floods last week..

  Foz turbo S & a 172
Hi all.

the horn has stopped working. I'm from Durham and was caught in the floods of last week. I'm guessing it must be related.
Where is the horn situated in the engine bay and has anybody experience of this happening to them? Will it just dry out (although its been 4 days now..) or is there something I can do..?

typical. MOT in 2 weeks too..


The horn is behind the front bumper in the passenger wheel well. Its behind the mud guards (they have like slots in them where the horn is) best way to check, get a length of wire place on the positive on the battery and then touch it on the positive of the horn if it sounds the horn is fine and your problem lies elsewhere (fuse? ).

Happened to me before - dried it out in the airing cupboard but it sounded ghey after that then seized up a few days later.
  Foz turbo S & a 172
OK thanks people.

I've just checked and everything is still connected so I'll try the wire test tonight.

As for the fuse, where will that be?