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Squirt goes in garage morrow for his new exhaust as the old one is cattle trucked. Catalyst gone & particles contaminated the lot. Hopefully he should run better & sound better when he comes home !! Thank God for warranty. :cry:


  Shiny red R32

Hope Squirt isnt in hospital for too long! :( How many miles has he done? I would have thought that as the exhaust is supposed to be stainless steel (is it?) that it would last for more than a few months! Has anyone else had to have remedial work/replacement with their 172?

Mathew; Bloody hell how many miles have you done? It looks like the exhaust has been sitting in salt water or is years old. Not good if relatively new!

Ooh, I need a shoulder to cry on... ;) Squirt is cool, sounds a lot better now, had only done 9k but garage said old one was indeed buggered!! x

I could be flirting with you, however can I cry on your shoulder now as ive just had to fork out £600 for the heating in my swimming pool again. Do you want to bring Squirt around for a swim?
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Whilst on the talk on swimming pools........

Barrymore was found floating in his swimming pool, when pulled out he had traces of chocolate up his arse. Police suspect George Michael of bring careless with his wispa

;) (sorry!)

I have turned off the pool heating but the poolside bar is well stocked, I also have some £1.99 for 500L Tesco Value oil for Squirt to drink! So when r u cuming round?

P.S. sorry to the on topic police, but i dont get to chat up such high class women often!

Squirt is quite put out with £1.99 oil?? He says he will stay in the garage now but I am on my way, how we gonna heat the pool up then????

I have a bungalow in Nazeing & Squirt has a house across the road !! I love Cambridge, always zooming up to the town for the cool record shops...