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How can i make £2k fast

  Skoda Fabia vRS

does anyone know any good ways of makin money fast

how easy is it to buy and sell stocks online ?.......anyone know any sites....

i want the Hill Power Megane conversion for my RT
  Audi S3

god if i knew that i wouldent be poor as f**k!
theres thoes net get rich quick scheems but they just gotta be a joke!
so i dunno i suppose!


P.s sorry for being sooo unhelpfull!
  Skoda Fabia vRS

i know what you mean mate, wed all be rich if there was a good answer to this, just thought someone might have done stuff in the past that earned em a fair bit of money quite fast
  Williams 2, STi N12

Be an Escort for a month or so!! A guy at work makes about 400 squid a night!! OK you might get a right old boot but when she hands you 400 notes just to share a coffee - you gonna say no?

Depends on how bad you want it!

erm... good luck if your going to play with stocks. I watch people loosing money all the time through work and the market is in its worst state for years.

The only way to make the money safely is work work work....

Good luck either way
  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

I just cant help myself with this one...sorry

I reckon the quickest way to come up with the cash would be to get down to some seedy street corner and sell your body.

no offense meant...honest
  Fiesta TDCI

Good time to buy shares, wait until after Sept 11th to see how the market is.

I made £1000 on Barclays in 5 days, last week i will buy again when they reach £4.

Dangerous game to play but if you get it right watch the bucks come in!!

Shares -- grrr.
Used to work for a dot com and had over 1 million pounds worth in shares in the company. Then what happens, all these boo.coms take the venture capitalists for a ride so they stop investing and my million pounds is now worth about £2k.

If your thinking about shares, its a good time for Vodafone, dropped 14% in two days but will be back at £1.10 in 2 weeks...
  Skoda Fabia vRS

i think i might just get a loan tbh, ive seen some really good deals online

if i save up about £500 i should be able to afford it comfortably

i need a new job also !!

If you are a bit of a risk taker then get a 100 or so quid together, have half a bottle of J.D and get down to your nearest casino. Spread the chips about like a mad man and keep your fingers crossed. 2 become 2 grand up on the right night when starting with a hundred quid is no great shakes. If you hit a decent mark up ie 800 bar and start loosing then call it a day.
If you can go in there with a hundred quid and think "I dont really give a sh*t iof I loose this" then go for it. Whats a hundred quid gonna yet ya? A pair of decent jeans?

Brun do you mean the 1.6 conversion?

Doesnt seem worth 2000 to me for an extra 15bhp

Why not go the whole hog if youre having a transplant and get a 2.016v?
  Skoda Fabia vRS

yea i didnt think it was worth it too, but, id be gettin an engine with 30k on the clock or less, which is like buyin a new car really

plus Nick could get that engine to over 120bhp

AND, which is one of the major sellin points for me, Nick uses a new Lumenition ECU, which you can hook your laptop upto and control things like fuellin real the fast an the furious

also, its bein done by Nick who i KNOW would do a very good job of it

Go to your credit card company and tell them that you want to pay for a holiday for you and your family. You need to buy flights, book hotels and transport. Give them a price, say 12K for the whole holiday. They say yes and you have 2K plus a little extra.

Or, ask TonyKL for his 2K!!!

Ram raiding. Problem is, youve got to pay for repairs to your car. Never really understood how it pays ....
  Skoda Fabia vRS

Joe, if i could afford the 2L, and the insurance that comes with it, then id have that instead, but i cant mate, not for another few years, so the 1.6 will do me fine

each to their own..

what they dont know, dont worry em ...

I would NEVER declare the following..

Wheels, tyres, brakes, exhaust
ANY Internal engine work,
non obvious engine work,

Not a lot I would declare as a matter of fact..

My m8 is an insurance assessor.. he rolls about laughing at some of the calls made to CIS for modifications - most of the time they havnt a clue what to charge, so make up some crazy figure.

  Skoda Fabia vRS

joe they may not know what to charge you, but if they see ANYTHING that you havent declared then they can argue all sorts of points and simply declare the policy void, leavin u in the sh*t

Have you EVER known that happen to ANYBODY ???

I have been driving and modifying cars for 28 years m8..

it dont happen..

it is NOT a problem at all. just use your head.

the worst thing you can do to attract attention is max power style work

Mechanical etc.. no probs..

  7.6cc :D

I declare everthing, my insurance company are sick of me ringing up! its like:

"for gods sake Jill, what have you done to it now???"
  Skoda Fabia vRS

ive known people have there insurance declared void for modifying the bonnet, they argued it was more attractive to thieves therefore it should have been insured for more to cover the risk, resulting in void policy