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How do you calculate bhp per ton

Just wondered if for example I had 120bhp and a kerb weight of 950kg what would the formula be for calculating the bhp per ton?

  BMW 320d Sport

Assuming were measuring metric tonnes rather than imperial tons (which most people do) you divide bhp by weight in tonnes.

ie 120/0.95= 126.3 bhp/ton

In fact the unit of measurement itself tells you what calculation you need to mph is distance in miles divided by time in hours.

Cheers Nick, thats what I thought but I was getting stats from a website and it wasnt quite adding up

The example I was using was supposidly a 106 gti

Stats given (could be wrong) 120 bhp, 950 kg, 128 bhp per ton

Hows that Pugboy? Just coz it aint moving doesnt mean it doesnt have a ratio !? The ratio with petrol goes down due to the added weight!

Its theoretical mate - cars in showrooms have none or little petrol they still have a BHP/Tonne ratio in the spec - maybe it should read for the increibly dumb (please add petrol) after the ratio - eh? I have a funny feeling you know what I mean though;)

add 43kg of petrol then and the ratio becomes

946kg + 43kg = 989kg

1000/989x172 (180) in my case = 182 BHP/tonne !!!!!!!!!!!!! Like I said!