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How heavy is the OZ Super T

Thanks Ben,

17s pretty heavy.

Ben, Im thinkingupsizing my 15" which is 3.5 kg or something to 16" or 17".

Do you think its worth the trouble?? 15" look very small on Clios.

I have lowered the car on eibach. by only by 20mm front and 10mm at the says 30mm all round. oh well.

sheesh, stay with them...dont bother with 17s!!!!

i think clios look best on the 15" the cup racers.....


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Why are some drivers so concerned about the weight of their wheels? Surely it doesnt matter too much unless you are a racing driver!!

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Lower unsprung weight which relates to an effectively much lighter car with much better handling :)



Super ts aint light either!!

Only super ls and cronos are light weight

My 15 inch super ts were bloody heavy

I do like the toca look of the super tourismos

Anyone no what the [17s] performance loss Percentage would be on a 172, and would the extra grip in the twisties make up the lost time??

(im obvously thinking about getting some)


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I agree, and if sufficient funds were to come my way I would buy a set of 17" superleggeras..

Cause I think they suit the clio really well

absolutely love your car mate!

I wish my car was this low.

I lowered my car on Eibach as well. but only lowered it 20mm at the front and 10mm at the back...not happy.

I lowered it last month, will the car gets lower as time goes on?

I got my avos in at home in a box...they dont lower it much on eibach but i think are overall better springs if you are going for 17", if youre on 16" or less then avos are better.