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How long do your tyres last


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

That aint bad...

Depends on the tyres and how youve covered those 9k miles though!

My cars just hit the 9K mark and my types are still fine (can say how fine but very legal) and that includes a track day too !! But I must admit, my driving is more motorway than lanes so wear is much less.



26,000 miles on the front 2% left

26,000 miles on the rear 80% left

;) the beauty of having 75bhp

Ive gotten about 9K out of my last two sets of fronts.. with track day wear on both sets.

Ive now done just over 22K and my original rears are still fine.. I recon theyll be good for another 4-5k.


  Audi TT Stronic

Just getting to 8000 miles and my fronts will need replaced soon, backs are okay though.

I figured I might aswell replace all 4 with Proxies/f1s while I am at it.

Interesting fact for the day:

Tyres on cars without powersteering generally last longer than cars with.

Just replaced my fronts after 8,500 miles. Got Eagle F1s, £205 for two, is that expensive? I thought it was expensive, but I didnt shop around so cant really complain.
  Subaru WRX

Got 13,000 out of my fronts at the moment in need of replacing now, border line illegal !! Most of my driving is motorway, so I havent done too bad !! :)

Ive so far done just over 14000 miles on the original tyres and still have a it more left, should get a further 1000 miles maybe 2000 miles. I swapped fronts to the back at about 7500 miles. Probably get 4 Eagle F1s at my first tyre change.

Quote: Originally posted by _KDF on 04 February 2003

Interesting fact for the day:

Tyres on cars without powersteering generally last longer than cars with.
This is probably due to scrubbage that power steering gives - easier to turn the wheel direction without the wheels turning/car moving.

I ordered some more contis to be put on tomorrow, I was so confused as to what was best as everyone seems to have a different opinion :confused: so in the end I decided to stick with what Renault had tested the car on, got 9000k out of the origanal fronts and that seems pretty average compaired to everyone else so Im happy to stick with them :D
  Clio v6

Im on my second set all round about 5000 miles a set. Anything more than 5k and ice skating comes to mind.