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How many of you have raced a.......

2litre 16v nova and actually honestly say you have won?

this is barnes, daleys mate who heis building the 2litre turbo 6 speed nova for. in all the times i raced things on the roads, 172 clios were one of the best races i had, they never gave up, although i actually won all of the traffic light grand prix and motorway ones, ill be honest and say that they are fast, very fast.

so how many you raced? how many times you won/? just out of interest, no arguments about how slow/fast or crap novasare etc, i ran a14.4 sec quarter mile with a valva and thats good enough for me.
  mk2 172

i raced one at york and it was very very i held him til just before the line and he beat me by 0.1 of a second

i dont care what anyone says, the early red top 2.0 16v vaux lump (pre-ecotech) is an absolute stormer, it comes with a cosworth engineered head, but is weak around the head, i dont hold such high acclaim for the turbod version which i think was a bit of an after thought by the vauxhall engineers,

sorry never raced a 2.0 16v nova, would like to when my williams lump is in,
  Leon Cupra

Raced one on the way back from the PowerStation RR day down a duel carriageway (e.g. long straits, fast sweeping bends and the odd island now and then). Clio 1 Nova 0. And it wasn’t a “just about beet him” it was a “lamped him good and proper”. Out handled, out braked, out accelerated and out top ended him. At one point I was letting off so he would catch back up. Don’t mean to sound big headed but it was a convincing toast.